Radiate: Young Writers Workshop

Post by: admin - February 24, 2017

Young Writers Workshop

Offering millennials an opportunity to speak to their generation, Radiate is a writing workshop created intentionally for young writers in English who are interested in being trained to write for publishing and are passionate about the ministry of the written word. Radiate aims to reflect God’s glory through the prism of life experiences of this younger generation. It aims to hone the potential of aspiring writers and to encourage them to boldly tell their stories of faith to inspire others and draw them closer to God.

If you believe you are called to participate in this workshop, then go ahead and read through the mechanics below. Qualified participants will be trained by Palanca awardee and best-selling author Ms. Grace D. Chong, and will be part of a book project to be launched in 2018!


1. Write a 500-word sample article (in English) on one of the following topics:

a. Why do you want to write?

b. Who inspired you to write and why?

c. Write about the last book you’ve read.

2. Download and fill out the Writer’s Profile Form.

3. Send your sample article along with the completed Writer’s Profile Form and a scanned copy or photo of your valid government ID indicating your birthdate or age as a proof to writersworkshop@csm-publishing.com

4. After evaluation, you will be informed via e-mail if you pass or fail the screening. You will also be given instructions on the payment procedure if you passed.

Note: Deadline of submission is on May 31, 2017

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