Workshop Upgrades CSM Trainers’ Speaking Skills

Post by: admin - October 12, 2017

Workshop Upgrades CSM Trainers’ Speaking Skills

Twelve (12) CSM trainers learned to speak better in the Oral Communications workshop last October 7, 2017 at the CSM building in Paranaque. Facilitated by longtime corporate trainer Jesilma M. Guerrero who is also a certified facilitator of John Maxwell’s flagship program, “Developing the Leader within You,” the workshop taught trainers how to prepare, plan and present a short speech in groups of three by the end of the workshop.

Guerrero also discussed how to give effective presentations including Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 Rule in using PowerPoint. As their practicum, participants organized a presentation which they presented to the rest of the group. Guerrero assessed each participant after each small group presentation.

CSM conducted the Oral Communications workshop to further enhance the speaking skills of its trainers and help them build confidence in speaking before many. They will once again teach in the upcoming Sunday school teachers’ training season featuring “Disciple Kids” starting on November 18, 2017 until early January 2018. For more information, please call the CSM training department at 852-7301 to 04 local 110 or visit this link.

Group presentation

Oral Communications Workshop facilitator Ms. Jesilma Guerrero   

Preparing and planning their presentations

Ms. Jesilma Guerrero with CSM Training Manager Joy Solina and Training Officer Reuel Alfonso

Wacky group pose with Ms. Jesilma Guerrero and Ptr Reuel Alfonso


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