Work Worth Doing Well

Post by: admin - August 16, 2017
Author: Grace Shangkuan Koo
ISBN: 9789710023295
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 146
Price: 280.00 PHP

People running after jeepneys. Long lines at the MRT. Traffic. Monday back-to-work blues. TGIF! To many of us, work has come to be associated with toll, stress, boredom, and survival. But what about accomplishment, fulfilment, contribution and joy? If the average person spends 40 years at work from graduation to retirement, then work has to be more than just drudgery.

Dr. Grace Shangkuan Koo addresses this dilemma for us in Work Worth Doing Well, where she seeks insight from work realities and issues like boredom and motivation, stress and the concept “margin,” “boundaries,” “flow,” and job satisfaction. She looks to Scripture for perspective and understanding as well as at inspiring examples in history and at present of people who not only are motivated in their work but are passionate in what they do. Dr. Koo reflects on these concepts in her own life as well and challenges us to think through ours.

Whether you are a fresh graduate seeking direction, or a midlifer needing refreshment in your career, an employee craving for meaning in your job, or an employer looking to motivate your people – this book is for you. May it inspire you to give your best work yet!

About the author

Grace Shangkuan Koo, PhD, is a professor of educational psychology at the University of the Philippines where she has been teaching for more than 20 years. She is frequently invited to speak in schools, universities, conferences, church, retreats, and corporate events.

She is married to Caleb and they are parents of Crystal Gail and Christian Gregory – both residing and working in Hong Kong.

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