When The Well Runs Dry Again

Post by: admin - June 20, 2013
Author: Marilyn Redding
ISBN: 971-717-220-X
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 46
Price: 120.00 PHP

Ideas and Activities for Grades 1-6


Inside you will find exciting activity pages, games and songs that will help support your teachings of favorite Bible stories and will encourage Scripture memorization. Some of the stories and concepts taught are:

•    Parable of the sower.
•    God is good.
•    Jesus is alive.
•    God loves all people
•    Following God’s Plan.
•    God made the world.
•    God is with you.
•    Trust in the Lord.
•    God deserves our praise.
•    Honor your parents.
•    Asking for God’s help.
•    How to treat others.
•    Gifts of God.
•    Helping Others.
•    Famous mothers.
•    Good choices.
•    What God expects.
•    Believing in Jesus.
•    Bible facts and trivia.
•    The names of Jesus.
•    Bible characters and events.

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