When Sorry Isn’t Enough

Post by: admin - May 27, 2016
Author: Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas
EAN: 4806523173117
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 175
Price: 250.00 PHP

When Sorry Isn't Enough

I said I was sorry!

Even in the best of relationships, all of us make mistakes. We do and say things we later regret and hurt the people we love most. So we need to make things right. But simply saying you're sorry is usually not enough.

In this book, #1 New York Times bestselling author Gary Chapman and Jennifer Thomas unveil new ways to effectively approach and mend fractured relationships. Even better, you'll discover how meaningful apologies provide the power to make your friendship, family, and marriage stronger than ever before.

When Sorry Isn't Enough will help you…

  • Cool down heated arguments
  • Offer apologies that are fully accepted
  • Rekindle love that has been dimmed by pain
  • Restore and strengthen valuable relationships
  • Trade in tired excuses for honesty, trust, and joy

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