Voice Lesson

Post by: admin - June 11, 2013
Author: Lyn Fabella
Price: 300.00 PHP

Sing with Understanding

With Lyn Fabella of Windsong
DVD Taglish

Do You Think Before You Sing?
Get Hooked and Get Real in the do’s and dont’s of singing with Lyn Fabella.

Video Includes:
Your Body is your Instrument.
Get Your “Motor” Running… (Breathing and Posture)
It’s Just A Snap to Make A Sound (Tonal Production)
Got Your Mask On? (Resonance and Vocal Timbre)

Have fun learning the right way to sing.
And yes, you can watch and learn different voice exercises!
Plus truths and tips only Christian music expert could give you.

Celine “Lyn” Fabella is a full-time missionary of Windsong Christian Music Ministries Inc. She has taught Voice in church music workshops and summer music camps in the Philippines and abroad since 1990. She has fruitful experience in conducting individual voice lessons and handling church choirs.

Workbook is available for download at www.csm-publishing.com

Grab a copy now!
Call 851-0521 or 25

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