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The VBS Jerusalem package and tt can be purchased at the CSM Bookcorner located at CSM Building, Pascor Drive, Sto. Niño, Parañaque City or at your local Christian bookstore.


You may also order online by following the steps below:


1. Download the Price List/Order Form.

2. Complete the necessary details and send the form via e-mail at using the subject: VBS 2018 Order

3. You will receive a confirmation with your order summary including the shipping cost. Then payment should be deposited to:

BPI Current Account # 3351-2667-23

Account Name: Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc.

4. Send a copy of the deposit slip at the same e-mail address. Wait for the confirmation receipt and your schedule of delivery.



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Frequently Asked Questions

2. Hosanna

3. Munting Liwanag Ko (Let My Little Light Shine)

4. Ako'y Alalayan (Uphold Me)

5. Magmahalan (Love One Another)

6. Siya ang Hari (He Is Lord)





VBS Jerusalem Tagalog Songs
VBS Jerusalem Action Songs

Let My Little Light Shine

Love One Another

Uphold Me

He is Lord

VBS Jerusalem Downloadables


Promo Flyer and Invitation


Promo Banner


Photo Booth Backdrop


Stage Backdrop


Teaching Pictures

Attendance Patterns


Extra Attendance Stickers

Storytelling Props

Life Size Donkey - 4x4


Craft Templates

Cross Template - Beginners


Cross Template - Children 1 & 2




Temple Body Template

Temple Facade Template

Free Follow-up Lessons

VBS Youth Lessons


Available in English and Conversational Tagalog






Note: If you need printed copies of the free follow-up lessons, we print them only by request. For inquiries, please send an e-mail to or contact our Sales Department at 851-0521 and 25.





Available in English and Conversational Tagalog


How to order VBS Jerusalem Youth Lessons


The VBS Jerusalem Youth Lessons is available for purchase at P100 (PDF).


1. Upon ordering the VBS package and/or other resources, indicate if you would also like to order a copy of the VBS Youth Lessons in the order form. Send your order via e-mail to You will then receive an order summary.


2. Deposit your payment to BPI Current Account # 3351-2667-23 under Church Strengthening Ministry. Send a copy of the deposit slip via e-mail at You will then receive a confirmation of your order.


3. A link will be sent to your e-mail address for you to be able to download the VBS Jerusalem Youth Lessons.


Note: If you need printed copies of the VBS Youth Lessons, we print them only by request. For inquiries, please send an e-mail to or contact our Sales Department at 851-0521 and 25.



Sing Unto the Lord A New Song


Teaching Pictures

Package Contents

Available in English and Conversational Tagalog

The VBS Jerusalem Curriculum Resources
Other Resources

Other resources are available at CSM Bookcorner, PCBS, and selected Christian bookstores nationwide.

Available in 5 designs

Meet the Travelers and Staff
(Children 1)
(Children 2)
(Assistant Teacher)



Come and travel along with us at VBS Jerusalem: Back to the Holy Land! As we embark on a journey into the glorious city of Jerusalem, prepare your passports of faith and praises for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Every day at VBS Jerusalem is an opportunity to know and learn more about the life, miracles, and teachings of Jesus Christ while He was in the city of Jerusalem.


Each day presents a new vista for the Travelers to explore. But what’s an exploration without a souvenir? There’s nothing to worry about—here in VBS Jerusalem, we will all be taking home souvenirs!


Students will learn that Jesus gives us a reason to rejoice and praise Him.

Bible Text: Matthew 21:1-10; Luke 19:28-40 (Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King)

Students will get a glimpse of Jesus in action and learn that Jesus wants us to stand up for what is right, just like He did.

Bible Text: Matthew 21:12-16 (Jesus Clears the Temple)

Students will witness a miracle and realize that it is Jesus who renews our strength.

Bible Text: John 5:1-15 (Jesus Heals a Man at the Pool)

Students will encounter Jesus doing an act of service and realize that He also wants us to do for others as He has done for us.

Bible Text: Mark 14:12-16; John 13:1-15 (Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet)

Students will realize God’s great love for mankind, perfectly exhibited on Christ’s cross. They will realize that Jesus died and rose again to give us brand new hope.

Bible Text: Luke 24:16-53 (Jesus Appears to His Disciples and Ascends to Heaven)

The main goal of this journey is to introduce Jesus Christ as Someone they could travel through life with. As we delve deeper into His Jerusalem journey, let us pray together that the students will take the souvenirs to heart and that they will decide to travel the journey of life with our Lord and Savior, our ultimate Guide, Jesus Christ.


Safe travels!

1. What is the theme about?

  • The theme is about Jesus Christ and His Jerusalem journey. It focuses on His life, teachings, and miracles.
  • VBS Jerusalem aims to introduce Jesus in a different light, on a more personal level, by teaching stories about the great things He has done. VBS Jerusalem is a traveling theme. Each day, the kids will experience and see the different vistas that Jesus visited in Jerusalem. It also presents the Jewish culture—the exact culture that Jesus lived in. VBS Jerusalem encourages the kids to have a personal relationship with the Ultimate Guide of life, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ



2. What's new about this VBS?

  • The VBS package comes with all-new attendance stickers!
  • The Teacher’s Manual contains plenty of interesting trivia about the city of Jerusalem.
  • It has eight FREE follow-up lessons that could be downloaded from our website, It’s the perfect material that you can use to help your VBS kids transition into regular Sunday school students.
  • It has a lot more downloadables—extra attendance stickers, full-color visuals, craft templates, coloring sheets, and Tagalog music!
  • Crafts have been upgraded. Teachers are given two options for the craft—one is related to the Bible lesson, while the other craft teaches the Jewish symbol for the day.



3. Why is there only one Teacher’s Manual for all ages?

  • VBS Jerusalem is designed for use by both large and small churches, so we have prepared a material that is friendly to classes with mixed-age groups.
  • The Teacher’s Manual also offers options to customize your teaching for older or younger students. The material is also applicable to age-graded classes.
  • The teachers will learn to adapt the material to their context instead of simply going through all the activities.
  • Having one Teacher’s Manual makes things simple and easy as everyone is on the same page.



4. Why is there only one Student’s Journal for all ages?

  • Having one general journal for students makes doing the activities easier for mixed-age groups.
  • The Student’s Journal is carefully designed to include both simple activities for younger students and activities more suited for older ones; it is also applicable to age-graded classes.



5. How many levels does this curriculum have?

  • Three for the printed material: Beginners (ages 4-6), Children 1 (ages 7-9), and Children 2 (ages 10-12)
  • Youth lessons (for ages 13-15) are available for only P100. These lessons may be downloaded from our website, But if you need printed copies, we print them only by request. For inquiries, please send an

       e-mail to or contact our Sales Department at 851-0521 and 25.



6. What does the VBS Jerusalem package include?

  • 50 Traveler’s Journals (in full color, good for Beginners to Children 2)
  • 3 Teacher’s Manuals
  • 1 Director’s Manual
  • 1 Music CD
  • 2 Posters
  • 50 Name tags
  • 250 Attendance stickers



7. Are visual aids/Teaching Pictures included?

  • Yes! Teaching Pictures for each VBS day may be downloaded for FREE from our website. You can choose between the colored and black & white versions.



8. Where are the attendance and song charts?

  • There are two creative and thematic ways of recording VBS Jerusalem attendance (featured in the Director’s and Teacher’s Manuals).
  • Extra attendance stickers and other decorations for the attendance charts may be downloaded from our website.
  • The song lyrics are all included in the Director’s and Teacher’s Manuals. You can put them on PowerPoint slides or write them on cartolina or manila paper.



9. Why does the Music CD contain only English songs?

  • The Tagalog songs are available for FREE. These songs may be downloaded from our website, (both music files and lyrics with chords).



10. What other resources are downloadable for FREE, and what is the password?

  • You can also download coloring sheets for Beginners, craft templates, as well as promo tarps and promo flyers.
  • No password needed!



11. How many teachers/VBS staff would we need in order to hold this VBS?

  • That would depend on the number of students you are planning to have. At the very least, your VBS staff should be composed of a VBS Director, a secretary, a treasurer, three teachers (for Beginners, Children 1, and Children 2), an assistant for each teacher, kitchen crew, and security personnel, to serve 50 students.



12. Magkano ang buong package?

  • It costs only P2,550!



13. Can we buy additional Student’s Journals and other accessories?

  • Yes, you can order through CSM’s partner bookstores or you can buy them directly from the CSM Bookcorner.



14. May we photocopy the materials?

  • We do not encourage photocopying or reproducing our materials.
  • Photocopying our materials would make extra work for you and produce hard-to-read manuals and unattractive journals.



15. Where can we buy the VBS package?

  • The VBS package is available at the CSM Bookcorner, at all Philippine Christian Bookstore (PCBS) branches, Back to the Bible Bookstore, St. Francis Bookstore, CLC Bookshops, and other Christian bookstores nationwide. You can also send an

       e-mail to and we can deliver the package to you.

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