The Pig’s Tale / Ang Kuwento Tungkol sa Baboy

Post by: admin - June 20, 2013
Author: Avril Rowlands
ISBN: 971-717-459-8
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 24
Price: 60.00 PHP

Tales from the Ark 2

Mr. Noah could not sleep. He lay in
bed, listening to the wind howling
round outside, and the snuffles and
grunts of the animals inside, and
he talked to God.
‘Listen, God’ he said. It’s no too late.
You need a lion-tamer for this job, or a
big game hunter, or at least a zoo
keeper… Honestly, I’m not cut out for
the job.
‘And I tell you something, God, ’ Mr.
Noah went on. ‘I’m scared of spiders
and we’ve got two on board.’

Spiders aren’t Mr. Noah’s
only problem. The lion wants
to be in charge, the sheep goes
missing and the animals threaten
to revolt because of the smell from
the skunks. Worst of all, the ark begins
to leak.

These funny and original stories tell what might have happened on board.

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