The Gospel for Children: 34 Evangelistic Bible Studies

Post by: admin - July 22, 2014
Author: Michaelle Buford & Linda Phelps
EAN: 4806523172783
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 180
Price: 200.00 PHP

The Gospel for Children has thirty-four stories carefully selected from the Old and New Testaments. Told in the order in which they happened, they teach children the truth about the holy character of God, the sinful condition of human beings, the penalty of sin, our inability to save ourselves, the Deliverer God promised to send and the sacrifice He made to save us. Each story brings the child one step closer to realizing his need to have a personal relationship with Christ through faith.

The Gospel for Children is ideal as a follow-up material after VBS, convenient for outreach classes in any setting, and may even be used to introduce youth and adults to the message of the Bible… one story at a time.

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