Song for Jesus by Kids 3 Go Tell The Good News

Post by: admin - June 11, 2013
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Action Song Video

Let kids praise and worship Jesus as they encourage each other to tell the world about Him! Dance and sing along with these ten Bible-based songs and go tell the Good News about our Savior. With English and Tagalog versions in one DVD.

1.    Go, Tell the Good News
2.    Jesus is My Lord
3.    Caring People Sharing Jesus
4.    The Lord is good
5.    Let Us Praise and Honor God
6.    Powered Up
7.    To God be the Glory
8.    All Over the World
9.    Opportunity
10.    Live, Holy Spirit

Tagalog Version:
1.    Ibahagi and Magandang Balita
2.    Si Jesus and Aking Panginoon
3.    Magmahal at Ibahagi
4.    Kaybuti ng Diyos
5.    Ang Diyos ay Papurihan
6.    May Lakas
7.    Ang Diyos ay Purihin
8.    Sa Buong Mundo
9.    Pagkakataon
10.    Sa Aking Puso

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