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Action Song Video

Let kids praise and worship Jesus as they enjoy and learn to care for the beautiful world He has made. Dance and sing along with these ten unforgettable songs about the God of creation. With English and Tagalog versions in one DVD.

1.    Everything was Made by God
2.    God of Creation
3.    He is the One
4.    Sing Praises to God
5.    Great is Our Lord
6.    Sing Praise!
7.    I’m Part of God’s Creation
8.    Psalm 47
9.    A Melody of Love

Tagalog Version:
1.    Ginawa ng Diyos ang Lahat
2.    Diyos ng nilikha
3.    Sya’y si Jesus
4.    Awitan ang Diyos
5.    Dakilang Diyos
6.    Papurihan
7.    Ako ay Kabahagi
8.    Salmo 47
9.    Himig ng Pag-ibig

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