Shining Attitudes for Women at Work

Post by: admin - June 10, 2013
Author: Maloi Malibiran Salumbides
Price: 150.00 PHP

ProTips Special Edition

ProTips Audiobook Vol. 5

1.    Introduction
2.    Why Do You Work?
3.    You are Invited
4.    Enhancing Your Inner Beauty
5.    Ten Ways to be a Blessing at Work
6.    The Productive Worker
7.    Payday Reminders
8.    Tips for Chronic Complainers
9.    Cultivate Contentment
10.    Handling Criticism
11.    Achieving Work-Life Balance
12.    What Waking Up 30 Minutes Earlier Can Do
13.    Simplify!
14.    Five Thoughts to Energize You for Work
15.    Shining Attitudes in a Bright Yellow Dress

TRT: 74 mins.

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