REALITY: 7 Truths From Experiencing God

Post by: admin - June 19, 2013
Author: Henry & Richard Blackaby
ISBN: 971-00203-8-2
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 86
Price: 100.00 PHP

A 40 Day Experience

Do you see the world as it is, a place where God works in ways culture can’t describe but faith comprehends? Many believers live lives that aren’t profoundly shaped by the reality of God. Like a Scripture-based medicine Reality, 7 Truths From  Experiencing God can change limited perspectives and teach believers about life as God intends it to be. This interactive, self-guiding workbook provides seven small-group sessions, weekly sermon note pages, and a series of daily devotions to help people experience reality as God created it to be. Based on seven spiritual facts of life in the real world, this 40 Day Experience workbook will deepen your perspective of God’s will and your awareness of His love for you.

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