Raising Up MoneyWise Kids: 10 Enriching Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Post by: admin - August 17, 2016
Author: Chinkee Tan and Kayla Tan
EAN: 4806523175012
Cover: Softbound
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Teach Your Child to Become MoneyWise Today!
Your child can become financially literate.
Your child can become financially responsible.
Your child can become financially wise.

As a parent, do you sometimes worry about the financial future of your child? Do you hope that they won’t ever make the same money-mistakes that you have made? Do you want to be able to raise kids who are financially wealthy?

If your answer is YES, then this book is for you. Allow Chinkee Tan, a sought-after and respected wealth coach in the Philippines, to share his personal experience in “Raising Up MoneyWise Kids.”

This book will also teach you about 10 MONEY LESSONS that are essential for a financially free life. These money lessons will equip you to break incorrect money mindsets, enable you to form good money habits, and empower you not only to teach your children about finances, but to also be good financial role models to them. 

In this book you will learn about:
Financial Skills: Why Is It Important to Teach Kids About Money?
Money Taboos: Seven Reasons Why Parents Don’t Discuss Money With Their Kids
Being Good Role Models: Eight Things You Should Never Do or Say In Front of Your Kids

Ten Life-Changing Money Lessons for Your Child:
Lesson 1: Hardwork vs. Laziness
Lesson 2: Earn Money vs. Asking for Money
Lesson 3: Saving vs. Spending
Lesson 4: Budgeting vs. Splurging
Lesson 5: Delayed Gratification vs. Instant Gratification
Lesson 6: Resilience vs. Giving Up
Lesson 7: Stay Out of Debt vs. Getting Into Debt
Lesson 8: Start Young vs. Start Late
Lesson 9: Emergency Fund vs. Zero Fund
Lesson 10: Generosity vs. Selfishness


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