Heirlooms: Timeless Truths for Daughters

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Author: Various Author
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Mothers fulfill a unique teaching role in their daughters’ lives. Their much-needed wisdom is both caught and taught, and deemed most beneficial when passed on like precious heirlooms. 

As a tribute to the special tie that binds mothers and daughters, Heirlooms: Timeless Truths for Daughters showcases the heirloom messages of 27 Christian mothers for and about their grown-up daughters. Written in various personal styles, this compilation of devotional articles will cause you to:
    Ruminate on significant lessons learned and imparted in To Teach and to Bequeath.

    Relish the pride and joy expressed as and for daughters in Tributes.

    Reflect on life-changing moments retold and valuable insights gained in Testimonies.

Because every mother ought to teach and bequeath something from, pay tribute to, and give a testimony of how to acquire the greatest Heirloom of them all—faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Timeless truths that will instruct, inspire, and influence daughters of any generation

Make them your own spiritual heirlooms.

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