One True Love: To Have and to Hold

Post by: admin - August 23, 2016
Author: Grace Shangkuan Koo, PhD and contributors
ISBN: 971002328-8
Cover: Softbound
Price: 220.00 PHP

In today’s world, is it still possible to find your one true love?

“There is no ‘forever’ in love.”  This is the jaded conclusion of many in today’s world where cohabitation, separation and divorce prevail. Should we raise the white flag on true and lasting love?

In One True Love, psychology professor Grace Shangkuan Koo , PhD, makes a case for true love by exploring how love possibly fails, and how it could succeed. Browsing through research, gleaning insights from counselors, showcasing real-life testimonies of young love, failed love, and lasting love, and reflecting on her own experiences of love from her marriage and that of her parents, she seeks to answer the question, “How do we find and hold on to the one true love that will last a lifetime?”

One True Love culminates with a workbook of sorts to guide readers at different life stages in relation to marriage: waiting, engaged, newly weds, couples with children, and empty nesters — even those facing failure in marriage.  

Whatever your life stage, let the lessons and insights of Dr. Koo and her contributing writers — Dr. Harold Sala, Dr. Philemon Choi Yuen-Wan, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Rev. Mike and Francie Lacanilao, John Gaisano III, Gayla Carreon and Marjorie Magno — guide you in your pursuit of your one true love.

About the author

Grace Shangkuan Koo, Ph.D., is a professor of educational psychology at the University of the Philippines where she has been teaching for 20 years.  She is frequently invited to speak in schools, universities, conferences, church, retreats, and corporate events.

Dr. Koo is the author of Raising Wise Dads, Moms, and Kids (CSM, 2012) and its Chinese edition  (Breakthrough HK, 2013),   Guarding Your Heart and Mind: A Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being  (CSM, 2014),   Parenting the Net Generation (Breakthrough HK, 2015), Lights and Shadows of Digital Technologies (CSM, 2015),   Prayers: A Gift for the Church  (Sunnybrook HK, 2016), and Dispelling the Myths of Marriage (Breakthrough HK, 2016) .  She has been a contributing writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer since 2000, and was the editor-in chief of Jeremiah’s Dilemma Quarterly, a Christian magazine.

She is married to Caleb and they are parents of Crystal Gail and Christian Gregory – both residing and working in Hong Kong. 

Other books by the author

Raising Wise Dads, Moms and Kids (2013)

Guarding Your Heart and Mind (2014)

Lights and Shadows of Digital Technologies (2015)

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