Nature is Always Talking

Post by: admin - August 16, 2013
Author: Samuel J. Alibrando
EAN: 4806523172363
Cover: Softbound
Price: 250.00 PHP

“Nature is Always Talking by Samuel J. Alibrando is entertaining, challenging, and thought-provoking. The sixty selections in this book reduce complex and often ignored concepts to a level of understanding that ordinary people can grasp. Humor, logic, and scientific facts powerfully allow the reader to see the handiwork and intelligence of the uncreated Creator… and leaves you in awe of the story nature tells. I recommend it without reservation.

”  Harold J. Sala,
Ph.D. Author and founder of Guidelines International

Self-constructing trees from seeds, seeing eyes, birds in flight, and an orchestra of interaction on a planet floating in space with precision—nature’s engineering surpasses man’s greatest dreams. No one can censor nature from proclaiming a great intelligence with magnificent, artistic flair.  The mind and creativity of man is so above the animal kingdom. But if we compare nature’s technology to our greatest achievements, our best seems primitive.  Journey with your child, students, friends, partner, or fly solo through 60 nature articles. Justify your emotional reaction to so many uncelebrated marvels around you and in you. Ignite again the childlike wonder at nature’s realities which are clearly more imaginative than any science fiction. Listen to nature whispering wisdom and awaken your ability to be more inspired by nature than ever before.

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