Man of Influence

Post by: admin - September 6, 2016
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When it comes down to it, most men say they want something more than a solid retirement plan and a fishing boat. We want to make a difference to people, have an effect on their lives, be remembered for who we were, not for how much we accumulated. But how do we leave a legacy of lasting value? It's hard for many men today, because we lack an example to follow who shows us the way. Jim Cote thinks our best bet is to look to the man who has had more influence on history than anyone else, the man Jesus. This book provides a fresh perspective on how to bring a positive, integrated, balanced approach to our challenging lives. Cote focuses on character traits and priorities that Jesus emphasized during his years in the public spotlight. Looking at the early chapters of the Gospel of Luke, the author zeroes in on knowing your mission, recruiting a team, being a channel for good, developing flexibility and taking responsibility. Cote hits these key themes and six others to show what it means to follow the ultimate Man of Influence.

About the author:

Jim Cotè is director of chaplains for Motor Racing Outreach in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is founder and president of Master's Men. A business management graduate of LeTourneau University, he has served on the boards of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and World Impact.

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