Living the Command of Jesus Christ

Post by: admin - September 30, 2014
Author: Arthur C. Macarubo
EAN: 65231173483
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 136
Price: 200.00 PHP

Living without rules leaves us with nothing to define what is right. Living in God’s grace means not only being saved from our sins but also being victorious over it, not on the basis of our good works or ability to perform God’s requirements but because God has granted us full victory. We no longer live as slaves of the devil, the world, or our flesh. To enable us to experience these victories on a daily basis, rules guide us. These are the rules of grace.

This book will help you and your church in your quest to discover what Jesus taught the apostles, which became their foundational teaching. This will take you back to God’s very simple plan and way of accomplishing His will and purpose through making disciples, and how to attain genuine unity among believers in the Body of Christ.

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