Learn To Play Keyboard Volume 1

Post by: admin - June 11, 2013
Author: Bernie Duran
Price: 250.00 PHP

Instructional Keyboard from Basic to Advance Lesson
Take Home A Guest Speaker
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This video teaches untrained and beginner keyboard players the fundamentals and foundation of keyboard music playing.
This video includes:

The Keyboard
How To Read Music
Finger Exercises
–    Hanon Exercise
–    Chromatic Exercise (octave)
Scale Studies
–    Major Scale
–    Major Scale Intervals
–    Minor Scale
–    Dominant 7th Scale
Chord Construction
–    Major Chords
–    Major Chords (other key)
–    Minor Chords
–    Dominant 7th Chord
–    Minor Dominant 7th Chord
Chord Arpeggio and Inversion
–    Major Chord Inversion
–    Minor Chord Inversion
Chord Progression
–    Diatonic Family Chord
–    Chord Progression

Bernie Z. Duran has been a musician for 27 years and a musical educator, composer and musical arranger for 15 years. He has played in different secular bands and is much demand with both local and touring gospel artists such as Ron Kenoly, Steve Kuban, Alvin Slaughter, and internationally acclaimed evangelists who conduct crusades.

Bernie is on the full time staff of Christ’s Commission Fellowship – Alabang, Muntinlupa where he serves as Musical Director in the Music Ministry.

Watch and learn truths and tips only a skilled Christian musician could give
Workbook is available for download at www.csm-publishing.com

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2 thoughts on “Learn To Play Keyboard Volume 1

  1. maya santos

    this is a great help for the music ministry of the church. by the way, it says in the info that a workbook is downloadable at your website. may i know exactly where to look for it? probably it’s just me but would appreciate if you could provide the exact location or the link to it. thanks very much.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi! Maya,

      Here’s the link which you can download all the workbooks, http://csm-publishing.org/test-download/, thanks and God bless!


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