LATE LESSONS Lessons Learned Too Late in Life

Post by: admin - July 17, 2013
Author: Ed Lapiz
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There is a time for everything, so the Bible teaches. Kaya dapat tama ang timing ng lahat, lalu na yung mga “life projects” that must be in place at the right time so you benefit as soon and as long as possible.
For example:
* Put God in your life.
* Accept and make peace with yourself.
* Learn what matters to you.
* Be as healthy as possible.
* Have fun.
* Save. Invest.
* Raise a family (If it’s for you).
* Forgive people.
* Be friendly with your in-laws.
* Do not retire too soon.
Learn these and avoid regrets later in life.
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Indeed, his more than 2, 000 recorded messages, 12 hours of daily broadcasts over 17 radio stations, 30 books, and many weekly preachings and Bible studies had been doing exactly that – serving God’s Word in new and refreshing ways that his happy listeners call “practical, humorous, powerful, anointed, even addictive.”
Incurably U.P educated, Pastor Ed went to the State University for high school, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies.

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