Kapuso o Kapos?

Post by: admin - June 11, 2013
Author: Ed Lapiz
Price: 150.00 PHP

Secrets of Happy Family Series 1

Paano kung pabaya ang nanay? O iresponsable ang tatay?
O pasaway ang anak? O parasite ang kapatid?

Paano kung monster ang biyenan o may attitude ang manugang?

What if your relatives always get and forget?
(Do you just give and forgive?)

Paano kung KAPOS ang dapat sana’y KAPUSO?

This audiobook could save you from relatives from hell.

Indeed, his more than 2, 000 recorded messages, 12 hours of daily broadcasts over 17 radio stations, 30 books, and many weekly preachings and Bible studies had been doing exactly that – serving God’s Word in new and refreshing ways that his happy listeners call “practical, humorous, powerful, anointed, even addictive.”
Incurably U.P educated, Pastor Ed went to the State University for high school, undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies.

Hear the truth while on the move!
Call 851-0521 or 25

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