I Can Series

Post by: admin - April 26, 2013
Author: Dr. Sharon Berry
ISBN: 971-717-303-6
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 175
Price: 199.00 PHP

These books are for 5-year-old kindergarten pupils and the sequel to the "I Know" Series.

The ACSI Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum provides four-and-five-years-olds creative, colorful Instructional programs which will excite them about being in your classroom. The program was developed with some strong underlying beliefs about how materials should be designed to maximize the joy and gift of learning which children of this children of this age naturally receive from the Lord.

I Can Read Teacher Edition                  I Can Write Teacher Edition                   I Can Count Teacher Edition

I Can Read Teacher Edition I Can Write Teacher Edition I Can Count Teacher Edition

Author: Dr. Sharon Berry
ISBN #: 971-717-300-1
ISBN #: 971-717-302-8
ISBN #: 971-717-298-6
Pages: 496
Pages: 444
Pages: 475
Price: P535
I Can Write                                                           I Can Read

I Can Write I can read

I Can Count

I Can Count

Author: Dr. Sharon Berry
ISBN #: 971-717-301-x
ISBN #: 971-717-299-4
ISBN #: 971-717-303-6
Pages: 176
Pages: 176
Pages: 175
Price: P199
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