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Author: Neal F. McBride
EAN: 480652317155-7
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 141
Price: 170.00 PHP
Bible Study Groups * Fellowship Groups
Support Groups * Task Groups
Everything You Need to Become
a First-Rate Small Group Leader.
Whether you’re new, a veteran, or just thinking about it, How to Lead Small Groups will make you a more effective small group leader—of a more successful small group!
How to Lead Small Groups covers leadership skills for all kinds of small groups—Bible study, fellowship, task, and support groups. And it’s designed to help you hit the ground running, by giving you all the tools and information you need—without making you wade through complicated or time-consuming background information, theory, or rationales.
With 20 years of small group experience, Neal McBride knows what makes or breaks a small group—and what can make or break you as a leader! So he’s filled How to Lead Small Groups with step-by-step guidance and practical exercises to help you grasp the critical aspects of small group leadership and dynamics, including:
                                 • Defining your group’s purpose
                                 • Covenanting
                                 • Understanding  group stages
                                 • Evaluating your group
                                 • Handling conflict
                                 • Asking good discussion questions
                                 • Stimulating healthy fellowship, sharing, and prayer
So whether you’ve never led a small group before, or have led hundreds, you’ll want to keep How to Lead Small Groups close at hand. You and the groups you lead will benefit from these clear, concise leadership essentials over and over again.



    I would like buy this book at the sale price of P100, but will be going to Baguio and will not be able to go to CSM or MOA. I would like to buy 10 copies for P1,000. Is it possible to deposit to your account and have it delivered after this week or do I need someone to actually come there to get it at this price? Thank you for your prompt reply.

    In Christ,
    Frank Pardue


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