Active Learning for Children Age 3

Post by: admin - April 25, 2013
Author: Elizabeth Sonto Mendoza
ISBN: 971-717-982-4
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 225
Price: 220.00 PHP

Child development experts have confirmed many things that wise parents seem always to have known instinctively.  One of these is that babies are stimulated by their parents talking to them, even before they can understand what is being said.  Studies have shown that mothers who produce more sounds to their infants tend to produce confident children.  Early verbal stimulation has a beneficial influence not only on later skills but on reading ability as well.

Language is not a child’s primary learning tool.  He learns instead through concrete sensory experiences. For a growing child, he looks on his world as a place filled with exciting new things to see, hear, touch, taste and smell.

         The GEMS Toddler Series aims to help the child enjoy while learning within the Biblical realm.  Lessons and activities were carefully prepared and designed to meet the basic principles of development, neither frustrating them with toys or activities that are too difficult nor boring them with overly simple playthings and stories.  It is believed that though every child is different, and will develop at his own pace, it is better to give the toddlers a variety of activities that will stimulate their imagination, offer a large measure of freedom, enhance and enrich their learning experiences.

       It is hoped that the series will help not only the child but the parents as well as i meet the needs during the development stage of learning thus producing an emotionally and intellectually competent generation of children.

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