Discovering… (english and chinese)

Post by: admin - June 5, 2013
Author: Sunny Wan
ISBN: 971-711-216-1
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 81
Price: 55.00 PHP

A study on discovering God and
equipping the new believer
to live a successful Christian life

 A whole new world opened for Sunny Wan when he discovered a lot more to the Christian life than he had known before. He had been a Christian for over five years when he found a new dynamic life in Jesus Christ.

As he rejoiced in living this new life, he began to seek a way to share his adventure in faith with others. He looked for a basic, beginning Bible study book, one that he felt taught-in its simplest form – what life in Christ is all about. He sought a book to give a new believer the tools needed to live joyfully and successfully in the world today.

Unable to find the ideal book, he was encouraged by his Bible teacher to write a book himself. “Discovering…” is the surprising result of that effort. Surprising because it has not only led new Christians to a solid under-standing of their relationship with God, but has also led non-Christians to faith in Jesus Christ and older Christians to a greater maturity in their Christian walk.

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