DiscipleKids: Training the Next Generation to Follow Jesus

Post by: admin - November 23, 2017
Author: Daffodil Castro Dedel, Christine Caroline I. Santos, Mary Rose Rioja-Morales, Michelle Russell
EAN: 4806 523175883
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 264
Price: 399.00 PHP

This is a handy tool to help teachers level up their Sunday school kids through six months of intentional disciplemaking. Parents who want to be hands-on in discipling their own kids can also use this material at home!

DiscipleKids: Training the Next Generation to Follow Jesus has 24 lessons you can use to lay a solid foundation for children’s faith. The lessons are divided into four themes that teach kids to:

  1. discover their purpose in God’s kingdom,
  2. put on the full armor of God and win over temptations,
  3. fight unseen spiritual foes by becoming prayer warriors, and
  4. be ready to travel on mission and bring the gospel to people of other nations.

DiscipleKids uses action songs, games, crafts, creative Bible storytelling methods and other multisensory techniques to help kids with different learning styles and abilities relate to the lessons, process biblical truths, retain them longer, and be able to apply and share what they learn. It also contains insights and tips to help the teacher/parent understand kids better, adjust their teaching approach to allow for special needs, and effectively model what they teach.

Available in English, Conversational Tagalog, and Conversational Cebuano (SOON).

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9 thoughts on “DiscipleKids: Training the Next Generation to Follow Jesus

  1. Eric John Formacion

    good afternoon attended the seminar/workshop in Iloilo last January and I forgot to leave my e-mail when the trainers asked for those who wants a copy of the power point presentation, can i request it here? thanks and God bless!!!


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