Diary of a Pulubi: 22 Money Lessons on How To Avoid Becoming Broke

Post by: admin - August 16, 2017
Author: Chinkee Tan
EAN: 4806523175838
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 122
Price: 150.00 PHP

Learn how to spend without being broke through 22 money lessons which will help you become aware kung:

  • Ano ang buying habits at patterns natin?
  • Bakit tayo obsessed bumili kahit hindi naman natin kailangan?
  • Paano makakaiwas sa temptasyon?
  • Ano ang tamang diskarte para maka-ipon now at guminhawa later?

Benefits of this book:

  • Know how to overcome bad shopping habits
  • Know how to celebrate milestones without going beyond your budget
  • Know how to upgrade your gadgets without borrowing money from others
  • Know how to enjoy your vacation without getting into debt

About the author

FERDINAND “CHINKEE” TAN is a lifestyle trainer whose wisdom and strength are drawn from a life full of challenges. Born in Tondo, Manila of Chinese parentage, Chinkee is the eldest of three children. He attended UNO (Manila Chinese School) in elementary, Hope Christian High School, and Philippine School of Business Administration (Manila) in college.

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