Deeper Water Series 10: Man in God’s Image

Post by: admin - October 5, 2017
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A fruitless fishing expedition gets turned around and yields great catch when Jesus told the weary, unsuccessful and disappointed fisherman to go back and cast their net in deeper water.

Jesus has the same prescription to seekers of spiritual fish but had largely remained unsuccessful, disappointed and tired.

Fish in deeper spiritual water.

Man in God’s Image

Life could be a long search for God. Itinutuon natin ang buhay sa paghahanap sa katuruan, gabay, liwanag at pagpapala ng Dios. For some people, it becomes a very fruitful search. For others, it becomes an endless and sometimes frustrating search for God.

Can God be found? Where? 

About the author:

Dr. Ed Lapiz is the Head Pastor of Day by Day Christian Ministries—a non-denominational Christian Church with satellite churches in the Philippines, Japan, Pakistan, West Asia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. A genuine national scholar, Ed Lapiz is a graduate of Mass Communication and Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts in Philippine Arts, Master of Arts in Philippine Studies, and Doctor of Philosophy in Philippine Studies in the prestigious “home of the scholars” University of the Philippines.

Every day, Ed Lapiz’s voice is aired through 12 radio stations in the country. Aside from that, he also authored more than 40 books, and counting, which are available at major bookstores.

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