CSM Scholarship Foundation

Out of the overflow of God's goodness in the ministry, Church Strengthening Ministry founded the CSM Scholarship Foundation in 2017 to support the cost of education and enhance the individual's social and economic independence and empower their decision-making, thus giving them the opportunity to be positive contributors to society.

Mission & Vision


To promote and support CSM employees in fulfilling their educational goals for their children’s higher education

To support deserving students of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS) Baguio and Southern Baptist School of Theology (SBST) Makati, and pastor’s kids who desire college education but do not have the means to fulfill their educational goals


Improvement of the lives of the people mentioned above through the advancement of their education


Grantee category

Primary:  Children of regular and full-time CSM employees

Secondary: Students from PBTS-Baguio and SBST, and pastor’s kids

Field of study  

A college degree in the Philippines or its equivalent in any field of study which provides personal or academic advancement

Type of grant 

Financial grant


Minimum of four (4) years, maximum of five (5) years

Grade requirement

A maintaining average of 85% or its equivalent and with no failing or incomplete grade are required for renewal of grant every semester

No. of beneficiaries per year (2017)

2 scholars from CSM

1 scholar from SBST Makati

1 scholar from PBTS-Baguio

1 pastor’s kid

Privileges and Benefits


Primary grantee:          P 20,000.00 per year

Secondary grantee:      P 10,000.00 per year

(Amount is divided by the number of semesters to be given at the start of every semester.)

Graduation incentive

An outright grant of P 2,000.00 will be given to graduating scholars to help pay for the graduation fee. An additional incentive of the following amounts shall also be given if the beneficiary receives an academic award/honor:

summa cum laude                  P 5,000.00

magna cum laude                   P 3,000.00

cum laude                             P 2,000.00

other academic award/s         P 1,500.00

Application Process

  • Submission of the following documentary requirements:

1) Completed Application Form with 2×2" ID photo (Download Application Form below)

2) Photocopy of the Applicant’s Birth Certificate (Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-authenticated copy)

3) Transcript of Records or Certified True Copy of Grades from the school registrar (of high school and/or of the previous semester)

4) Photocopy of the Certificate of Registration (COR) from the school with a photocopy of the Official Receipt, if available

5) Letter of recommendation from a reference teacher, coach, or other adult who is not an immediate relative

6) For pastor’s kids, certification from the Board of Elders that the pastor-parent handles a congregation

7) A write-up addressing one of the following topics: 

  • Describe an accomplishment you have been recognized for and its influence on you.
  • Who has been most influential in your life and why?
  • What are your career aspirations and why?

Guidelines: essay type, typewritten, no more than one page of a short bond paper, double-spaced

  • Personal interview with the Selection Committee Chairman

Deadline of Submission of Application: May 15, 2017

Applications may be submitted through the following means:

a) Handcarry and personally submit to CSM Building, Pascor Drive, Sto. Niño, Parañaque City

b) Courier (LBC, 2Go, etc.) addressed to CSM Scholarship Foundation c/o Ms. Myra Alibrando, CSM Building, Pascor Drive, Sto. Niño, Parañaque City 1704

c) Email at foundation@csm-publishing.com. Send the scanned copy of the documents. 

Terms and Conditions

Financial grant to the scholars shall cover one (1) academic year subject to evaluation at the end of the semester or term until he shall have completed the college degree, with the following conditions:

  • The scholar is enrolled in the current semester.
  • He /she shall carry the full semester load prescribed by the school for the particular year level or course. Load during summer classes is not included.
  • Scholars will serve as CSMI’s ambassadors or representatives in their respective schools or colleges.
  • The scholar is not required but is encouraged to join CSM activities during the duration of his/her grant. (However, CSM activities should not hinder the student from performing his/her school responsibilities.)

Grounds for Termination of Grant

  • Non-communication with CSMI Foundation for 3 months despite the efforts exerted by the latter to communicate
  • Non-submission of semester grades
  • Forging or falsification of official grades/records
  • Incurring an “absence without leave” (AWOL) or receiving disciplinary action from the school
  • Implication/involvement in a crime, drugs, gambling, or any immoral behavior

Other Considerations

  • Dropping a subject, filing for leave, shift of course or school transfer.  In case the scholar decides to drop a subject or file for leave of absence, the scholar shall submit a written notice to the Foundation with a copy of the corresponding document that indicates the action taken (subject dropped, leave filed, course shift or school transfer)
  • The Foundation shall allow only one-time transfer during the term of the grant

Selection Process

The scholarship grantee/s will be selected by the Selection Committee of the Foundation based on the application documents provided.  All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by a letter sent via courier. The grant will be awarded to the scholars after the Foundation receives an acknowledgment of the notification.

Expected Outcome

By providing financial grants, CSMI Scholarship Foundation reduces the cost of college education for the beneficiaries. Education shall enhance their social and economic independence and empower their decision-making, thus giving them the opportunity to become positive contributors to society.

CSMI Scholarship Foundation does not encourage full dependence of the beneficiaries on the Foundation; instead, it offers financial assistance to reduce the cost of college education. It is the parent’s or guardian’s direct responsibility to provide for their school tuition. This and the support of CSMI Scholarship Foundation shall encourage the beneficiaries to value education and pursue higher education or their dreams and aspirations for a better future.