Creation Care Sunday School Lessons on Stewardship

Post by: admin - May 28, 2013
Author: Leticia Encina, Joyce L. Gumpal, Michelle O. Joaquin, Roselyn T. Kuizon, Nathan H. montenegro, Lueli Pet B. Ponce
EAN: 480652317213-4
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 134
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Creation was meant to glorify God, and man was called to care for it.  But evidence of a groaning creation-– unprecedented calamities, the extinction of species, climate change — more than suggests that we might have gone out of bounds. Nevertheless, great potential appears to be in the believer’s redeemed hands. Just as Christ’s finished work on the cross was meant to heal our relationship with God, newness of life calls for a renewed sense of self, a growth in our relationship with fellowman – and a renewed relationship with the rest of God’s creation.

Answer the call anew to take up the task of creation stewardship. Together with your church, discover the whys and hows of creation stewardship through Creation Care Lessons for Adults: Sunday School Lessons on Stewardship. Thirteen lessons for your adult Sunday school class should help your class grapple with biblical principles and modern-day realities and explore ways to adjust your lives in ways that better care for God’s handiwork and change the landscape of your home, work, church and the community around you.

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