Color it Tell It Bible Stories BOOK THREE

Post by: admin - May 31, 2016
Author: Dr. William Gopffarth
EAN: 6523172400
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 64
Price: 75.00 PHP


Color It Tell It Books provide Bible stories and pictures in the order they happened in history.

The series includes:

BOOK ONE           : Creation to Moses
BOOK TWO           : Moses to Roman Rule
BOOK THREE       : The Birth of Christ to the Death of John the Baptist
BOOK FOUR         : Jesus and the Children to the Ascension
BOOK FIVE            : The Acts of the Apostles

There are 105 stories in these five books. Of course, these are not all the stories in the Bible but they represent some of the most popular stories. The Old Testament provides a foundation for the New Testament. It is important that childrengo through all the Old Testament stories before starting the new testament stories.

READ Bible stories to your children,
use the stories in Family  Devotions, or
in church-centered Bible study or 
Sunday School  

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