Leading and Guiding Youth

Post by: admin - June 19, 2013
Christian Education in the Church for Youth Training youth is as difficult as operating a yo-yo. We release them, then draw them back, and release them again like the yo-yo doing this continually without abandoning them. How we teach youth...
ISBN: 971-717-837-2
Author: Elaine J. Kennedy
Price: 370.00

Youth Ministry in SMALL CHURCHES

Post by: admin - May 27, 2013
Creative how-to’s, plus 28 involving activities Build a successful ministry to youth in a small church You can develop an effective youth ministry with only a few teenagers. Learn about the special dynamics of a small church. Discover...
ISBN: 971-717-656-6
Author: Rick Chromey
Price: 130.00

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God – Asian Youth Edition

Post by: admin - May 15, 2013
No other generation put so much weight on experience as today’s generation. It is not enough to know what and why one believes. Faith must be experienced for it to be considered real and worth keeping. The God of the Bible goes much beyond...
ISBN: 971-717-923-9
Author: Anne De Jesus-Ardina
Price: 180.00

Handbook for YOUTH Ministry

Post by: admin - May 15, 2013
A Manual of Ideas for Pastors, Youth Leaders & Youth Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the demands of caring for your youth group and still maintaining your sanity? Have you ever wondered if your role as a youth leader/ worker/ pastor goes...
ISBN: 971-717-157-2
Author: Wesley Black
Price: 130.00


Post by: admin - May 15, 2013
Are you teaching the young people of your church? Do you experience difficulty in drawing them to class or Bible study? You CAN enjoy teaching the Bible to today’s modern youth and keep them coming back for more! This book explains...
ISBN: 971-717-163-7
Author: Ruth Laufer
Price: 80.00
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