Nature is Always Talking

Post by: admin - August 16, 2013
“Nature is Always Talking by Samuel J. Alibrando is entertaining, challenging, and thought-provoking. The sixty selections in this book reduce complex and often ignored concepts to a level of understanding that ordinary people can grasp....
EAN: 4806523172363
Author: Samuel J. Alibrando
Price: 250.00


Post by: admin - August 6, 2013
Bible Study Groups * Fellowship Groups Support Groups * Task Groups     Everything You Need to Become a First-Rate Small Group Leader.   Whether you’re new, a veteran, or just thinking about it, How to...
EAN: 480652317155-7
Author: Neal F. McBride
Price: 170.00

The 70 Commands of Jesus Christ Preaching Outlines

Post by: admin - June 27, 2013
Preaching Outlines We live at a time when many claim to believe that the Bible is truly the Word of God. But few live by its principles or truths, especially if these teachings go up against their desires or way of life. This is why those who...
EAN: 4806523171564
Author: Arthur C. Macarubbo
Price: 210.00

Ang 70 Utos ni Jesus-Cristo Small Group Lesson Guide

Post by: admin - June 27, 2013
Gabay sa Pag-aaral sa Maliliit na Grupo Kung tatanungin mo ang ilang manggagawa ng Diyos ngayon kung paano gumawa ng alagad na ipinag-utos  ng Panginoon, ganoon din karami ang sagot na matatangap. Malinaw na may kalituhan sa...
EAN: 4806523170680
Author: Arthur C. Macarubbo
Price: 210.00

The Peacemaking Church

Post by: admin - June 20, 2013
Small Group Study LEADER’S Guide   What does coffee have to do with peacemaking? God calls every Christian to be a peacemaker, but what does that look like in real life? Most of the time, biblical peacemaking simply means two...
ISBN: 978-971-00212-1-5
Price: 40.00
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