How to be a Money-Smart Parent and Raise a Money Smart Kid

Post by: admin - September 7, 2015
The 7 Developmental Stages of Financial Literacy Ninety-five percent of are not financially literate because it is not a subject included in our school system’s curriculum. Do you want your child to be one of them? Let this book tell you...
EAN: 6523174244
Author: Dr. Marnie Moya-Prudencio
Price: 220.00

The 5 love Languages of Children

Post by: admin - September 30, 2014
MORE THAN ONE MILLION SOLD You know you love your child But how can you show it so they really feel loved? they really feel loved? The #1 New York Times bestselling The 5 Love Languages  has helped millions of couples...
EAN: 65231173087
Author: Gary Chapman, Ross Campbell
Price: 260.00

100 Questions Kids Ask with answers from God’s Word

Post by: admin - July 24, 2014
This little book is an important addition to your child's library. It is intended to be read by Christian parents to their young children. The text contains 100 questions that kids ask, along with answers from God's Holy...
EAN: 4806523173025
Price: 200.00

The Gospel for Children: 34 Evangelistic Bible Studies

Post by: admin - July 22, 2014
The Gospel for Children has thirty-four stories carefully selected from the Old and New Testaments. Told in the order in which they happened, they teach children the truth about the holy character of God, the sinful condition of human beings, ...
EAN: 4806523172783
Author: Michaelle Buford & Linda Phelps
Price: 200.00

When The Well Runs Dry Again

Post by: admin - June 20, 2013
Ideas and Activities for Grades 1-6   Inside you will find exciting activity pages, games and songs that will help support your teachings of favorite Bible stories and will encourage Scripture memorization. Some of the stories and...
ISBN: 971-717-220-X
Author: Marilyn Redding
Price: 120.00
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