Church Planting Movements

Post by: admin - June 17, 2013
How God is Redeeming a Lost World   Look What God is Doing! “Look to the nations. Watch and be utterly amazed!” Today this ancient prophecy is being fulfilled in ways never before dreamed possible. This book reveals...
ISBN: 0-9747562-0-2
Author: David Garrison
Price: 380.00

Witnessing to the CULTS

Post by: admin - May 27, 2013
A Practical Study Guide for Christian Workers This book is about exposing Satan’s deceptions. He is the father of lies and over the years, he has presented the world with counterfeits of biblical Christianity. Some of these major...
ISBN: 971-717-175-0
Author: Alex Wilson & Christine Tetly
Price: 230.00

Baptist Foundations

Post by: admin - May 21, 2013
Two Thousand Years of Baptist Belief and Practice   Justin Martyr, a 2nd Century church leader, said there was “no race, Greek or Barbarian, that either wandered or dwelt in tent, which did not offer praise to the...
EAN: 4806523171472
Author: Craig Kennedy
Price: 250.00

60 Simple Secrets Every Pastor Should Know

Post by: admin - May 14, 2013
Instant Help for Real Ministry Challenges Pastoral ministry has its share of pitfalls and challenges. Face them with confidence, equipped and inspired by the thoughtful, refreshingly honest, intensely practical (and often humorous) insights...
ISBN: 971717814-3
Author: Dave Stone & Rick Rusaw
Price: 250.00
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