Any3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Post by: admin - March 26, 2015
Mike Shipman is a Church Planting Movement training specialist. He, his wife and children have served in Asia for 14 years. Having experienced firsthand a multiplying movement of new believers and churches in his Muslim unreached people group, ...
EAN: 6523173629
Author: Mike Shipman
Price: 210.00

Seminary Education by Extension: Process, Principles, & Practices

Post by: admin - March 26, 2015
Technology has changed every facet of our lives. It is even changing the face of education (and sometimes for the better). We live in a day where information is considered EQUIVALENT to instruction; where the accumulation of data is misinterpreted...
EAN: 6523173735
Author: Deron J. Biles, Lizette F. Knight
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Bible Teaching Made Easy

Post by: admin - March 26, 2015
The teaching ministry is so crucial that the last command given by Christ Himself was for His followers to go into all the world and make disciples and teach for obedience. Apostle Paul taught others: “Take the teachings that you heard me...
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Author: Lizette Knight, PhD
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GAMES SATAN PLAYS Contemporary Occultism

Post by: admin - November 22, 2013
GAMES SATAN PLAYS  Contemporary Occultism • Why does God strongly condemn in the Bible all forms of occultism      and sternly prohibit His people from dabbling with it? • Are not Bible-believing Christians...
EAN: 4806523172691
Author: Rev. Edilberto V. Banzuelo
Price: 180.00

Beauty for Ashes

Post by: admin - August 16, 2013
           From the makers of the bestselling devotional, Young Women on the Journey,   comes another compilation of inspiring testimonial devotions  written by young women to fellow young women.  As...
EAN: 4806523172530
Author: Various Authors
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