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There’s a joke about cats and dogs
that conveys their differences perfectly—

A cat says,
“You pet me,
you feed me,
you shelter me,
you love me,
I must be God.”

A dog says,
“You pet me,
you feed me,
you shelter me,
you love me,
you must be God.”

These God-given traits of cats (“You exist to serve me”) and dogs (“I exist to serve you”) are often similar to the theological attitudes we have in our view of God and our relationship with Him. Using the differences between cats and dogs in a light-handed manner, the authors compel us to challenge our thinking in deep and profound ways. As you are drawn toward God and the desire to reflect His glory
in your life, you will worship, view missions, and pray in a whole new way. This life-changing book will give you a new perspective and vision of God as you delight in the God who delights in you.


Dr. Gerald Robison serves as Vice-President of UnveilinGLORY. His passion is to see God’s people become excited and committed to glorifying God and to taking the gospel to all people. Gerald is a teacher and trainer for Walk Thru the Bible Ministries for over 30 years now in over 24 different countries. As the International Training Manager, he has overseen the recruiting, training, and

dispersing of WTB teachers throughout the world.

Bob Sjogren (pronounced “show-grin”) is the President of UnveilinGLORY. Much of Bob’s teaching is in audio, video, and book form. He has authored Unveiled at Last and co-authored Run with the Vision with Bill and Amy Stearns. Bob was instrumental in starting the ministries Caleb Project and Frontiers.

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