Called to Excel

Post by: admin - July 11, 2017
Author: Rene Resurreccion
EAN: 4806523175654
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 169
Price: 95.00 PHP

Rene Resurreccion’s overriding desire for his countrymen is to see them transcend the “pwede na” and “medyo” mentality, and take dominion over their careers. The work ethic he advocates revolves around the call to excel and what it takes to answer it.

Richly interspersed with local proverbs, contemporary parables and good-humored illustrations, Called to Excel presses the case for the Filipino’s grand destiny to stand out among global peers. This all starts with the individual’s personal resolve to be excellent in his profession or calling, to pay the high price for it, and to have the best motivation for doing so.

Find out how a mindset of excellence will keep you on top of any work situation, assure you of a progressive lifestyle and create an enviable legacy for children and your children’s children.

About the author

Rene Resurreccion is the owner and president of Passion for Perfection, a company that implements human resource development programs and produces business and development games. A BS Psychology major with a master’s degree in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies, the Hague, the Netherlands, Rex is also a senior CEFE (Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprises) trainer and licensed instructor of the Dale Carnegie course. He has conducted various training programs for businessmen and executives in over ten countries.

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