Becoming a Prayer Warrior

Post by: admin - May 14, 2013
Author: Daffodil C. Dedel
ISBN: 971-717-002-125-3
Cover: softbound
Price: 26.00 PHP

Children who have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior enjoy full status as citizens of God’s kingdom. They are neither excluded nor exempted from anything simply because they are young. Christ enables and expects them to rely on His power, obey His commands, and take part in His mission to save the world, just like His adult followers. Equip your kids to fight the good fight. By Becoming a Prayer Warrior, they can find out what pleases God, help to accomplish His global mission, and witness His power to do great things for the glory of His name.

Author: Daffodil C. Dedel
ISBN #: 971-717-002-125-3
Pages: 60
Price: P130 (teachers manual) P26 (students manual)

Becoming Prayer Warrior TM Becoming Prayer Warrior C2 Becoming Prayer Warrior C1 Becoming Prayer Warrior BEG

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