Asian Adventure

Post by: admin - May 14, 2013
Author: Michelle Russel, Daffodil C. Dedel
ISBN: 971-002-029-3
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 12
Price: 26.00 PHP

Want to develop missions-minded kids? Asian Adventure: What Missionaries Do in Foreign Countries will help your class discover how missionaries bring the gospel to people groups in Asian countries, and explore different ways of being Christ’s witnesses in your own community.

Author: Michelle Russel, Daffodil C. Dedel
ISBN #: 971-002-032-3
Pages: 76
Price: P130 (teachers manual) P26 (students manual)


Asian Adv TM jpg Asian Adv  Chil 2 jpg Asian Adv  Chil 1 jpg Asian Adv  Beg jpg

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